Pete Rose In The Baseball Hall Of Fame

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The Baseball hall of fame is home to amazing players that have changed the game forever, and Pete Rose should be included with these men. Yes, Pete Rose did do a bad thing, which is that he placed bets on baseball, which is against baseball rules, but this shouldn’t change everything else. Pete Rose should be inducted into the hall of fame because choices he made as a team manager shouldn’t affect how he is recognized for his skill as a player. Rose was a great player in the 23 years he played, his skills being what should get him into the hall. Pete Rose was banished from baseball for life on August 24, 1989(Lagrave, 2015) for his gambling which broke rule number 21. This meaning that he could never play baseball again or step foot to an…show more content…
If we knew everything that everyone in there did there could be some miniscule reason for each to be expelled, but they’re not. It is not the job of the Hall of fame to show the best people there was personality wise, but to show the players, this should be how it is, recognizing players for their skill and talent on the field, yet we are not letting a man perfectly talented enough join, for what, a few bets. No, I’m not trying to downplay the scandal, and I agree with the statement that what he did was morally wrong, but we should still recognize him. We should “lay out the fact and let people decide for themselves what was right and wrong” (Stark,…show more content…
“He never had to give back his MVP trophy or his rookie of the year award” (Stark, 2013) because he won them before the scandal. So shouldn’t the hall of Fame induction be the same, he did the things he is being awarded for before the scandal so shouldn’t he still get commemorated for it. In conclusion Pete Rose did great things in the world of baseball in his career. For these things he did as a player he should get commemorated for, this being because he did these things as a player, and not as a manager, this being the time when he bet on baseball. Pete Rose should be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame because what he did as a manager should not affect the way he is remembered as a player. Although what he did was morally wrong, we should remember him for the good and the bad, what he did which was wrong and did break the rules and what he did that was good and changed the game
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