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Peter Weinberger was a very young boy from Long Island, New York. Sadly he didn’t even have the chance to live a little more than a month, he was slain by Angelo LaMarca after he was kidnapped from his own crib on July 4th, 1956. Peter Weinberger would have turned 50 years old in the summer of 2006, but he never even had a chance to celebrate his first birthday. His kidnapper, a father of two young children, abandoned baby Peter in a bramble patch the day after the kidnapping and left the child to die. The Child somehow asphyxiated rather than starving to death, being attacked by animals, or even being beaten. It was a chilly day in Westbury, New York, when Beatrice Weinberger fed Peter and placed him in a carriage on the back patio of her …show more content…

Police did not follow either of the cars. When the drop had failed, police arranged for Beatrice to make an appeal to the kidnapper over television and radio. “I am the mother of Peter Weinberger, I am willing to cooperate in any way. I am most concerned of all for the welfare of by baby. He is only four weeks old.” The only responses to her plea were from low-life’s who wanted to take advantage of the family. Several people called demanding money, but they had no connection with the crime. By the time Beatrice went on TV, Peter Weinberger was already dead. He had been dumped off by the kidnapper, an old cab driver, named Angelo …show more content…

LaMarca, 31, told authorities where to find the boy, beneath a honeysuckle vine. LaMarca told authorities that he had written the note in advance, but didn’t have anyone in particular in mind, as he just needed money. “He said he wrote the note but didn’t have anything to do with the murder,” LaMarca’s wife, Donna, told reporters. “Someone else is involved, but he won’t say who.” In November, 1956, Angelo LaMarca went on trial for kidnapping and murder, crimes that carried the death penalty. The pressure of his debts prompted temporary insanity, his lawyers unsuccessfully

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