Pfizer Case Study

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PFIZER History Pfizer is a research-based pharmaceutical company founded by two cousins called Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhard. It was founded in 1849 in New York City (NYC), USA. It is the largest Pharmaceutical Company in the whole world. They are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as PFE. Its number of shares of common stock is outstanding and it is about 6,128,855,392. Their portfolio includes medicines and other well-known healthcare products. They manufacture products in five main areas which are; specialty care and oncology, animal health, primary care, nutrition and customer healthcare. They produce medicines and vaccines for diabetology, cardiology, neurology, immunology etc. Some of their drugs include diflucan (oral…show more content…
Macroaxis way of predicting risk of any stock is to look at both the systematic and un-systematic factors of the business and also the available market data and technical indicators. With systematic risk it is uncontrollable, and the organization has to suffer from the same issue. However, an organization can reduce its impact, to a certain extent, by properly planning the risk attached to the project. With the un-systematic risk it is controllable, and the organization tries to reduce adverse consequences of the same thing by proper and prompt planning. Pfizer exposes twenty-seven different technical indicators which can help you to evaluate instability that cannot be diversified away. Legal risk plays a major role for companies such as Pfizer. For example If a drug is sent to several markets and side effects become apparent, the legal fees and settlement costs can cost Pfizer millions/billions of dollars and it can also bring the company down. In the Pharmaceutical industry, the competitors are less because of the amount of money needed alongside with the high cost of research and development is very high. Pfizer has been expose to different forms of risk and the most alarming one is the lawsuits stemming from side effects caused by their medications. For example, Merck, one of Pfizer’s rivals was investigated on a painkiller called Vioxx and it caused them millions of dollars. With this, Pfizer can learn to pay more attention on the kind of components they put in their drugs to spare them with this kind of
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