Analysis Of Philip Pearlstein's Butterfly Kite

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Philip Pearlstein is considered one of the brightest treasures of the American contemporary art. Having revived the figure painting, Pearlstein established a unique even from the 20th century perspective for exploration of the human form. The main concern of his artworks is the realistic depiction of nude figures. His works can be characterized in terms of unexpected postures, complete informality, and unusual perspectives with often cropped figures and the lack of reliance on any mechanical aids. In doing so, the artist managed to combine the realism of the human body nudity with the abstract and often uncommon objects that seem to have no relation to the picture. Nevertheless, Philip Pearlstein manages to create a notion of philosophy in each of his paintings.
One of the paintings by Philip Pearlstein that I chose in the museum is the painting “Butterfly Kite” that was painted in 2006. The painting is a lithograph signed and drawn in pencil. The manner of drawing allowed the
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First of all, it uses the unusual perspective, viewing the model who is sitting from the height and from the side. This contributes to the impression of the reality of the picture. The smooth lines of the pencil make this painting seem rather naive and pure and naive. The depiction of a butterfly in addition to it strengthens this impression revealed by the viewer. As in many other paintings Pearlstein, this one includes the cropped head of the model. While in his paintings “heads are often cropped entirely”2. This is the determining feature of his works which might be aimed at stimulating the viewer not to think about the social status or the personality of the model but just to view it as the element of the surrounding. Moreover, the model depicted in the picture is completely the reflection of the informality of the surroundings, which is reflected in her unrestrained posture that is still too

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