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Chris Burke once said, “ Having Down syndrome is like being born normal. I am just like you and you are just like me. We are all born in different ways, that is the way I can describe it. I have a normal life.” This quote completely describes the life of Phoebe Henry in The Memory Keeper's Daughter. Phoebe Henry, daughter of David and Norah Henry was given away at birth, because David was afraid of what the future for Phoebe might be like with down syndrome. The night of Paul - Phoebe’s twin brother - and Phoebe’s birth, David sent Caroline Gill to a Foster care facility, where she was supposed to drop Phoebe off at the doorstep.

The place was run down, and Caroline could not just leave Phoebe there, to grow up without a family. …show more content…

It is true that they do not know how to completely function in today’s society. However, with a little help from others, a child with Down Syndrome can learn so much. Caroline raised Phoebe into a beautiful grown woman. It was not easy for her, but she fought for Phoebe’s rights. The novel takes place in the 1960’s, and during that time life for Children with Down Syndrome was cruel and …show more content…

For instance, one day she ran up to a boy to hug him and repeated over and over again, “ I love you.” Caroline had to explain to Phoebe that she could only hug family like that. Caroline did her best in raising Phoebe; she knew that the world was against her daughter, but she did everything in her power to give Phoebe a good life. Phoebe was twenty three when she started liking guys. One day Phoebe went to Caroline to tell her that she was going to marry Robert, and they were going to have kids.

Kids with Down Syndrome might be delayed in learning, but they still have the same hopes and dreams as everyone else. Children with Down Syndrome still dream of getting married, having kids, and getting their own house. They enjoy their independence, and like to work for their money. They can still do things like other kids, such as going to the store, counting out money, and buying

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