Piracy And Maritime Piracy

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Maritime piracy is a historic problem, from the very old times up to the present. There have been many researches on how to prevent and on how to avoid the sea bandits, also known as pirates, to aboard your ship, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea or also known as the UNCLOS, which is the primary treaty dealing with the specific crime of piracy, established laws about crimes on the seas, specially piracy and maritime terrorism. However, there were previous studies that showed unclear guides for safety procedures when entering a piracy prone area and there were some incomplete and undetailed history of the origin of piracy and other surveys that are out of date, since we are now in the 21st century, which means piracy methodology…show more content…
This is possible because of the effort that the United States Coast Guard (USCG) is doing. They are extremely watchful and very skilful that’s why the coast is very well guarded. Most likely the coast guard of these nations are ready and their naval forces are amazing, yet the absence of implementing passing on lines of US coast guard 96 hours (NOA) has made coastlines of nations, for example, India inclined to outsider vessels. It is probably a reasonable sign…show more content…
It is because of the pirate’s perception or concept in mind that the pirate is always the expected person who will bring home the bacon when he reaches the land of Somalia. Some of the reported pirate attacks are pirates usually steal cargos on ship and resell them on land. After unloading the cargo, the pirates will either sell the ship as scrap or re-register it for continuing criminal activity or sell it. Some even capture fishing boats and steal cargo of fish and forcing the crew overboard. There was even a report that all 23 crews were killed and their bodies overboard because they had captured an oil tanker, which means it is more than the worth of the ransom of the 23 crews.
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