Police Brutality Effects

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This effects their lives and how they act in society on a daily basis. The public services are supposed to serve the public and make them feel safe and protected not scared, however police brutality only seems to be getting worse and reports say that the police use excessive physical violence which only contributes towards these allegations, many others have also noted that police brutality doesn’t just stop at physical abuse it includes emotional and sexual violence as well as verbal assault and psychological intimidation. A researcher called Bandes argues that the term brutality conveys more than police misconduct he says “it is police conduct that is not merely mistaken, but taken in bad faith, with the intent to dehumanize and degrade its …show more content…

It has been shown to negatively affect their health and other things. A government website says that due to police brutality there are five things which it causes to happen towards the ethnic communities: “Fatal injuries that increase population-specific mortality rates, adverse physiological responses that increase morbidity, racist public reactions that cause stress, arrests/incarcerations and legal medical and funeral bills that cause financial strain and finally integrated oppressive structures that cause systematic disempowerment. These five main areas affect society in many ways and this is how. First, physical injuries and death. This causes families to fall apart due to the loss of a loved one meaning that people may even take their own from not being able to cope and leave families grieving. Secondly, psychological stress. This causes people who have undergone it due to police brutality to either be scared of the police or rebel against them forming gangs/groups to fight them or riot. In turn this makes society lose social …show more content…

The army have many roles ranging from carpenter to infantry solider and even to Bricklayer. Throughout history the army has effected society both for the good and the bad even though it may not directly link to society it still effects it on a daily basis and has done for years. One effect the army as had on society is when the cold war happened, the effects of which still effect society today. Effects such as both USA and the Soviet Union built up huge arsenals of atomic (nuclear) weapons. This causes people to live in fear that another cold war may happen due to both sides having them still. The cold war also led to destructive conflicts like the Vietnam War and the Korean War. This tore families and societies apart leaving people homeless, jobless and grieving over lost ones. This overall had a negative effect on society but some good did come out of it, for example the Berlin Wall was demolished and the two German nations were unified, the Baltic States and some former Soviet Republics achieved independence, Communism collapsed worldwide and America became the sole superpower of the world. (A Brief Overview of the causes and effects of the cold war, 2017). However wars which still affect and guide people’s actions to this day is World war one and two. These wars still influence and affect society today and had a huge impact on the world at its time and

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