Should Police Officers Be Required To Wear Body Cameras When On The Job

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According to the 2010 US Census, the United States of America has a population of over 308 million people. Whilst only 1.1 million officers are employed on a full-time basis from the 2008 Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies. Therefore statistically only one officer is able to protect and serve for every 280 people in the United States of America. With the numbers in police falling short it is extremely difficult to create peace within the country. The numbers in the police are falling short in order to successfully create peace within the country. As a result, many police officers feel they have to abuse their power and go to extremes to stop criminals. One of the biggest problems with police brutality is the disgusting racist police culture and how they treat minorities such as blacks and Hispanics. On the third of March, 1991, a black man named Rodney King was involved in a high-speed car chase with officers from the Los Angeles Police Department. The officers were successful with pulling King over. However, what happens next are unfortunate events that still occur today in the United States. The shocking footage filmed by George Holliday, a bystander shows King …show more content…

The disease of police brutality continues to spread in the United States today and it will not be easy to eliminate. However, there is a cure.

President Obama recently announced a $263 million plan to provide funds for body cameras and training for police departments around the United States. Body cameras on Police officers will prevent injustice and become extremely effective in reducing police brutality. In 2014, Michael Brown was fatally shot twelve times and killed by white police officer Darren Wilson. The shooting (has) caused his outraged Ferguson neighbourhood to protest and riot against the police as they believe Brown did not deserve to

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