Pony Boy In A Foster Home Analysis

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Do you happen to know what a foster home is? It is a place where kids like Pony Boy go to be taken care of by good people. Pony Boy needs a good home! Where would you put Pony? I would put him in a foster home because he would be taken care of, he could learn and become a better person. The first reason I would put Pony in a foster home is that he would be taken care of. The advisers would feed him the nutrition's he needs which I think would be the best thing for Pony. Pony would never go hungry, trust me. Pony could have a life that he would love. Not only would he be fed, he would make new friends. They would be there for each other. Secondly I would put Pony Boy in a foster home is to help him learn to do things the right way. For an example, you have to be responsible for using driving. When he lived with Soda and Darry, they would leave him at home by himself while they went out to do bad things. He would learn to be more responsible, have more maturity and be trustworthy. Thirdly, he would be a different person. While he is with Darry and Soda, his self-esteem and other things are not like ours. If he were put in a foster home he would have better self-esteem. Pony would learn not to steal items from the DX anymore. While the police know him as a bad boy, he could change all of their perspectives. …show more content…

I am sure that Soda and Darry love him, but his life would not be as good with his brothers. In the foster home Pony could learn how to grow up and be the good guy, whereas if he stayed with his brothers it might not be possible. Pony's life would be amazing! It is possible that if Pony does not go to foster care that he will go to jail or he may be killed. Pony deserves a good life. He needs to be treated with love and care. I would personally take Pony in for adoption. The best thing that could happen is for him to go to foster

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