Ponyo Film Analysis

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Ponyo or in Japanese Gake no Ue no Ponyo meaning Ponyo on the Cliff, was a movie created by the Studio Ghibli and was written by the legendary Japanese director, Hayao Miyazaki and it was the 8th film created by the studio. The film was created using the traditional cell animation technique which was praised by many critics and fans alike for its beauty and attention on detail and was a nod to the past Disney Films such as Snow White and Little Mermaid. The film was a commercial success all around the world grossing US $201 million on Japan and won several prestigious award including the Venice Film Festival Award, Tokyo Anime Award and Japanese Academy Award for the best Animated Film.
Unlike Miyazaki previous works in “Spirited Away” and “Princess Mononoke”, Ponyo is mainly aimed for the very young children which ranges from 4 year olds to 7 year olds based on the film simplified storyline and rich colorful background. Miyazaki also eliminates many of background explanation of the film which is his signature style which can easily be found in previous films but yet still able to retain the films core characteristics.
Ponyo features a very similar plotline but distinctive to Disney’s Little Mermaid which
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Visually, the character was drawn in a remarkable way and is almost believable. The visualization of the character also was radically changed from the traditional portrayal of women which is overly sexualized and gracefully inhuman movements. Lisa also changed the way Mothers are depicted in films which in most films shown an idealized Mother which is almost perfect in every way. Lisa on the other hand was portrayed as simply a mother whom had a son, a job which is taking care of the elders in elder centre and sometimes quite emotional as seen when her husband can’t go
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