Popcorn: The Five Senses

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Corn on Steroids Close your eyes and imagine you are eating popcorn. What do you see? Is it burnt or the perfect golden kernel? Are you smelling butter or caramel? The five senses will help detect if the popcorn flavor is butter or caramel. When looking at popcorn, people will notice the unique body shape it acquires. Popcorn has a cloud-like feature when observing this magnificent food. It also has a yellow color with a tint of white. Popcorn is almost as wrinkly has your Aunt Pamela! When observing popcorn, it is common to grab a handful and feel the kernels in between your fingertips. When touching popcorn you will notice the grease each and every kernel withholds. Popcorn also has a styrofoam feel to it. Popcorn feels lighter than a fly and sometimes …show more content…

If you are stuck with the piece of popcorn with no butter or salt on it, the taste of this piece will be bland. Tasting popcorn has a lot to do with the smell of the popcorn you are eating. The fragrance that touches your nose when eating popcorn is normally butter and salt. If you are gifted with the unlucky gift of burnt popcorn, you will be gifted with the unpleasant smell of burnt popcorn or maybe even have a bland smell. While eating popcorn it is inevitable for the sound of people eating popcorn to touch your ears. The sound of every crunch of the kernels breaking in between the teeth as the jaw crunches. The loud and annoying sound of the kernels being destroyed is often obnoxious. The sound of eating popcorn has to do with the five senses. When talking about popcorn it is common to use your five senses to describe all the different sensations you feel. The taste of popcorn has an abundant amount of answers. The smell and sound of popcorn is often both pleasing and annoying. The sight and touch of popcorn is extraordinary and different every

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