Portland Community College Reflection

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Portland Community College is a diverse and welcoming college. With many resources and different learning environments fit to all students needs, the students prosper. The Learning Garden on the Rock Creek campus is a great example of one of the several resource centres set up to help students with their education. It really reflects the helpful attitude that PCC sets up as a whole. The Learning Garden is a great addition to the campus because it is a peaceful learning environment, generous with it’s products and is resourceful and open to other students.
During my visit to the Learning Garden, noticed what a peaceful place it was. The abundance of nature made the 3.6 acres of land very soothing and a great place to go if you need to relax or do homework or whatever. I went around 3-ish in the afternoon. It was pretty sunny with a nice breeze going that almost made it feel like an Indian summer, even though it was early October. I noticed on first glance that there were not only many vegetable beds, but also a great amount of flowers and natural decorations such as the bean teepee.
I continued my exploration of this environment by interviewing Nora Lindsey, the coordinator. I asked her what they did with …show more content…

These could include environmental studies, landscape architecture classes, and other biology classes. The Farm, as I learned it can also be called, also works together with middle schools and high schools in that area. They are very generous with their knowledge and are very kind to help out educational programs and projects. Another wonderful thing about the Farm is that they try to be as environmentally as possible, more specifically, with their water. I learned from talking to a volunteer that the water system is connected to solar panels which are connected to a battery that pumps well water for an irrigation

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