Walden University Experience Essay

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Upon beginning my first class at Walden University, it has been difficult to see myself getting through this 8-week course. Furthering my education has been something I have struggled to accomplish for the last 4 years. I almost decided to give up and continue being just a high school teacher. However, being a senior teacher that motivates my students to go above an beyond to reach their goal has pushed me to work hard and start a new journey. Though it is only the beginning of my journey, I can see graduation. In learning about Walden University this week, I have gained insight on what it will take to experience graduation. In this paper I will discuss what I hope to have learned and mastered while being a student at Walden University. As I stated earlier, the journey to gain a Masters degree has been a tough one. I completed 8 classes out of a 10 class program only for …show more content…

Walden University’s College of Education has a similar vision. In the vision, Walden is “commited to the pursuit of positive social change through education.” The reason I am pursuing this degree is so that my students can do the same thing that Walden is teaching it’s students to do. All of the social activists, presidents and CEO’s in this world learned what they know from a teacher. They are able to impact the world, because they were given the tools to do so. My goal as a teacher is to equip all of my students with the tools to make a difference. Just like Walden, I realize that technology plays an integral role in creating a positive change. Attending Walden is equipping me with the skills to not only use technology, but also to learn how to create a curriculum that reaches students through technology. When I am successful, I hope to not only create social change but to inspire my students to do the

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