Positive And Negative Effects Of Technology

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Within the last few years, technology has vastly improved throughout the world. Through its advances, technology has even impacted modern society to the extent of making many children and even adults entirely dependent on it for numerous activities and situations. A substantial number of people believe that technology hinders children’s ability to properly experience life the way they should. However, without it, society would remain primitive as it would require much labor and experience to accomplish many situations that have been made facile through technological advances. Although it has negative effects on children’s lives, technology has shown many positive effects on children’s education and social development through its advances, which allow man to observe the importance of technology on modern society. The negative effects of technological advances on children’s lives include internet addiction, more distractions, mental health problems, lack of privacy, and obesity. Due to social media and other distractions of the internet, adolescents often neglect their responsibilities and spend their valuable time on these supposedly inconsequential distractions. Some adolescents are not capable of accomplishing much on their own since they have become completely dependent on technology. In addition, statistics show that adolescents who are addicted to social media sites are often more narcissistic than those who do not. Another major distraction that has prevented much
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