Positive Christianity In Matthew 22: 34-40

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Positive Christianity was an attempt by the Nazis to justify their actions of brutality toward the Jewish people. They used several warped quotes scattered throughout the New Testament, trying to use contextual theology to buttress their argument. However, this is poor contextual theology as it ignores several central Christian themes that are exemplified throughout the New Testament. One such example is Matthew 22:34-40, which when using the proper exegesis approach proves that Positive Christianity was flawed, as it failed the central Christian requirement that the teaching being loving. The Gospel according to Matthew has traditionally been credited as having been written by the Apostle of Jesus, but later examining has since changed of…show more content…
Jesus replies to the question that there are two great commandments of equal importance, the first being to love the Lord with all of your being and the second being to love your neighbor as you love yourself. He concludes that the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments for confirmation and teaching. The lack of explanation and detail regarding specific prophets or what the law is again points to the audience being recent Jewish-Christian converts, those who would already be familiar with the Jewish Prophets and the Mosaic law. This teaching of Jesus is one of the most quotable and applicable lessons of Jesus, as it preaches love for God and for all of the people around you, even if they have done nothing for you.. This passage from Matthew is in direct contradiction with everything that Positive Christianity is teaching. Positive Christianity is attempting to justify the discrimination and hatred that is felt towards the Jews, but one of the central teachings of Jesus is love towards everyone. This destroys the one of central pillars used in the belief of Positive Christianity. The exegesis approach disproves the attempted justification of hatred towards the Jews that Positive Christianity tries to
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