Summary Of Psychology And Christianity: Five Views

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The book that called Psychology & Christianity: Five Views by Johnson, one book that links between Christians with psychology. Firstly, the book will described the history of the influence of Christian in psychology. In this book they explain that the Christian and psychology has a big influence. The books that I read, is written by several authors. The author must write the view and their views on how Christians should practice psychology. A writer will write their views on psychology and Christian then other writers responds to the views of the writer. In this book, the author will comment on what they agree or disagree about the views of the author of the psychological relationship with Christian. Now, I will summarize the contents in the book Psychology & Christianity: Five Views. From several view above, the level of explanation approach could be said the most liberal than others .The level of explanation approach is put forward about the biological part of psychology. Those who support this view consider if psychology is a knowledge and psychology not different from biology, physics, or sociology. One of the people that support this view is David Myers. After David Myers, one that supports the level of explanation approach is Stanton Jones. He’s a psychology at Wheaton College. He put forward about the integration approach. Integration …show more content…

In this book, I feel the title of the Christian psychology approach can be very confusing .if we see from the title, we will interpret the Christians who are in the field of psychology is a Christian psychologist. Also, in this book explained that not all Christians must conform to Christian psychology approach. Christian psychology approach is a combination of integration approaches and the biblical counselling approach. This approach get many criticized because there is no application or can we called is only an

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