Compare And Contrast Psychological Perspectives

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Psychology is the scientific study of how human think, how they feel about issues and their behaviour in this research we will learn the meaning of perspectives in Psychology, dwelling on the biological and behavioural approach, I will discuss the difference and commonalities between the two perspectives. WHAT’S PERSEPCTIVE IN PSYCHOLOGY In contemporary psychology perspective simply implies an approach that involves some assumptions about how people behave, how they function and the best way to define this seeming behaviours. There is no one way to approach this perspectives, one is not above the other, though for a long while the behavioural approach was holding the ace being assumed to be the only scientific one. Each perspective with their good and bad sides, there are many perspective ranging from: Behavioural Approach; Biological Approach; Clinical Approach; Cognitive Approach; developmental approach; evolutionary Approach, Forensic; et al. BEHAVIOUR APPROACH PERSEPCTIVE Behaviourism is different from the environment because people are viewed as being controlled by their environment and that humans are a products of what they learn from the environment (Saul McLeod 2007). It is a perspective that focuses on learned behaviour more of a man is a product of his environment that the genes has no influence on the way a human behaves, it focused solely on observable behaviours. For a long time in the 50s, this psychological thought was dominating until the early twentieth

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