Osmosis Experiment Essay

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The overall project goals and central questions that has to do with the project is mostly trying to determine the isotonic concentration of the salt in potato roots and the use of the ideal soil salt conditions for the potato plant growth. In part 2, we had to test the enzyme activity that is in the was involved in the potato, so we can also determine the ideal soil pH conditions for the potato plant growth. In part 3, we were able to test absorb the leaf pigment at various wavelengths that determine the optimum light absorption conditions and was able to make recommendations for the light conditions that would be used un greenhouses. The goal of the first project is to determine the ideal soil salt for potato roots and we can relate this to the project is to find out if Solution A or Solution B has more solute in it. The goal of this project is to determine the meaning of Osmosis. Osmosis is the movement of water across the membrane in response to the concentration gradients. Tonicity is the state of tissue tone or tension that is in the body fluid physiology that is effective osmotic pressure equivalent. The general principal of the experiment and how the weight is changed is related to osmosis because the weight gain or weight loss that is involved in the experiment is the movement that can contain …show more content…

The hypothesis we came up with for this project was that in the distilled water there wouldn't be no change in the potato, we wouldn’t see a gain or loss with the water sitting in the beaker. The beaker with the 30% Sucrose and Distilled water we predicted that there was going to be weight gain to the potato. And for the distilled water with the 30% sucrose and we predicted weight loss. But the results came out to be the first bag content being isotonic the second bag came out to be hypotonic and lastly the result came out to be

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