Power Structure In Frankenstein

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2. Overview of the novel
The novel revolves around Victor Frankenstein, a passionate young scientist, who sets off on a journey to Ingolstadt driven by an insatiable desire to create life. As he delves into years of intensive research and rigorous experimentation, Frankenstein eventually succeeds in his pursuit by animating a creature assembled from deceased body parts. However, upon witnessing the terrifying visage of the being he brought to life, Frankenstein is instantly filled with horror and dread, causing him to desert his creation. Left in utter isolation and overwhelming confusion, the creature roams around, attempting to comprehend life and existence. Gradually acquiring the abilities to speak and read, he yearns for belonging and …show more content…

He cunningly utilizes this impression of monstrosity and instructs Frankenstein to create a companion for him after gaining control over his creator: “Remember that I have power; you believe yourself miserable, but I can make you so wretched that the light of day will be hateful to you. You are my creator, but I am your master - obey!” Thus Frankenstein is forced to obey, but he still decides to abandon his plans of the creation of another creature, and in turn his fiancée Elizabeth is strangled by the creature. Frankenstein is so enraged that he follows his creature across the continent. It may seem like the hunter, so the creature, becomes the hunted, but this is actually not the case. The creature leads Frankenstein on and gives him hints, until they both reach the north pole, where the creature is still in a superior position because he can endure the extreme coldness, while Frankenstein is even more weakened. Eventually Frankenstein succumbs to his exhaustion, and the power structure is once again evident when the creature leans over the corpse of his creator laying in his …show more content…

At the beginning of the novel, Frankenstein describes himself as leading a rather secluded life, in the company of his family and few friends. When he leaves Geneva to study in Ingolstadt, he lives without his family for the first time, but becomes accustomed with the city and its people fast. He begins to work on his project of bringing back the dead to life, during which he completely isolates himself, shutting himself into his workplace. After the completion of his project he immediately abandons the creature and continues his secluded life, especially when he is forced to create a companion for his creature: He travels to a town in northern Scotland with few

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