How Does Grace Nichols Use Metaphors In Praise Song For My Mother

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Pia Junger
Mrs. Fairbrother
18 January 2016
Praise Song for My Mother
Have you ever thanked your Mother for always being there for you, helping you grow up and providing you with love in times when you needed it? In ‘Praise Song for My Mother’ written by Grace Nichols, the Author thanks her mother for caring for her and providing the child with love. With the poem Grace Nicholls wrote, she expresses her love and her gratitude towards her mother. A mother is very important for a child when growing up. The author does this through the use of metaphors and form.
To give the readers and the mother a better understanding about how the Grace Nichols felt about her and what she meant to her, she uses metaphors to describe the mother; ‘You were water to me deep and bold and fathoming’. In this first part of the poem the author is comparing the mother with water. The mother was understanding, protecting, courages and embracing. Grace Nichols is trying to tell us that a mother has to be someone strong, protecting and understanding you(the child) can look up to. In the second stanza; …show more content…

The author uses metaphors to give us a better understanding of what her mother meant to her and how she was like. The form of the first three stanzas shows how the mother was always there, day and night protecting her daughter and the very last sentence shows the daughter detaching from her mother and thanking her for always being there for her. I personally think it is nice to write a poem to show your love and thankfulness to your mother or guardian and that everyone should do that at some point of their life since having someone that teaches and loves you and helps you grow up is very

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