Pregnancy Assessment

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For this program, the key stakeholders are already identified as the students, parents, teachers, and school administrators. The main purposes of this program are to decrease the dropout rate, pregnancy rate and rate of STIs among the students in Birmingham County. To evaluate this program, a summative and outcome evaluation should be used that involves a randomized control trial of the four selected schools, to measure program outcomes and impacts during the program operations or after the program completion. Since the key stakeholders and intervention components have already been identified, the next step is to engage stakeholders in components of the program such as design, decision-making and implementation. After that is completed, the…show more content…
Since the program has already started, it may be best to do these steps immediately to make sure that all of the stakeholders are on the same page as far as goals and objectives as far as existing information or create an evaluability assessment to get the key stakeholders come to agreement on realistic program goals, evaluation criteria, and intended uses of evaluation information. The logic model or assessment would then inform what further questions need to be answered, the performance targets, what data needs to be collected and how the data should be analyzed. Since there are five components of this intervention, some of which have already ended, I would employ specific data collection methods for each of the intervention components using school administrations and teachers to collect and turn in the data for both the treatment and control groups (assuming the biases can be avoided or controlled for). For the small group activities after school, it is recommended to use an already developed assessment/questionnaire, administered by a credible after school teacher, to evaluate the change in possible selves perspective and future…show more content…
After the inclusion of parents within the small groups, I would then again measure the students possible selves perspective and future vision to see if there were any significant changes since the small group meetings of students only. I would seek to use a different but similar questionnaire to avoid testing bias among the students. I would also distribute a questionnaire to parents after the program has concluded to see if they have noticed any changes in their child’s activities as it pertains to the future and possible selves, to be collected a few weeks after the program has ended. After using administrators to blindly collect and organize the data from all of the program components and from the control group, I would then hire an evaluator to analyze the data for the results, benchmarks, common themes among participants and overall comparison of the data from treatment and control groups as well as the developed logic model to get an understanding of the program

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