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Erin O 'Brien 's Prenatal Fitness Fix stands out among the entire line of pregnancy workout DVDs on the market. It can be used by someone who is a fitness fanatic, or by someone who is just getting started. Erin O 'Brien is no stranger to fitness and exercise. She works as a personal trainer, and has created this custom workout specifically for pregnant women of any fitness level. She herself is pregnant in this DVD, which is great for a pregnant woman who is feeling uncomfortable about her growing belly. The DVD has two separate exercise routines. One is a 40-minute individual exercise routine, and the second is a partner workout. Erin takes you through the individual workout on her own, and in the second, partners up with her husband, …show more content…

Have you heard such myths when it comes to fitness such as the phrase "no pain no gain." The truth is that no fitness routine should actually hurt. Yes, you may be sore after your first fitness routine in a long while. However, you shouldn 't experience serious pain. What other myths do you believe when it comes to fitness? Here are a sampling of some myths that have reported on the website, Web MD, and the real truth behind those myths. A Balanced Exercise Program Consists Of Three Parts Yes, a balanced exercise program does consist of three parts. These three parts include aerobic/cardio training, strength training, and flexibility training. Three examples of these types of training include walking, weight-lifting, and yoga. There Are Some Household Chores That Will Help You Get Fit Yes, there are some household chores such as mowing your lawn that will help you get fit and be considered moderate forms of exercise. However, other household and personal chores are considered less forms of exercise, including shopping. Moderate form of exercise is any form of movement that will allow you to talk through it. However, it is too tough to allow you to sing your favorite song while doing it. You Can Still Get Fit By Breaking Up Your Fitness Routines By Ten Minute Sessions There is good news for those of us with busy schedules. You can break up your fitness routines by ten minute sessions and still get fit. However, you must keep it within the ten minute mark. …show more content…

Zumba Fitness is one of the top rated Wii game today. I am into walking but cardio not so much. I really don 't liked workout routines because they tend to bore me quickly. I 've been hearing about this Zumba craze and all the rave reviews so I decided to give it a try and within 5 minutes I burned 50 calories (I wore a Heart Rate monitor). Yes, I was sweating like crazy and out of breath but I had my water bottle nearby and it was fun!! I really like the Zumba class it is amazing. It makes you feel like you are actually at a real Zumba class and you just jump right it and learn by watching others and trying to keep up. This game has a motivational piece also because it has an energy point area at the bottom of the screen which goes up the better you do, so it makes you want to keep going in order to improve your skills. Anytime I have some free time I turn on my Wii and slip in Zumba and I 'm ready to go burn some more calories and let 's not forget have fun while doing so. Be prepared to take lots of showers after playing this game because you will definitely be sweating buckets but it 's worth it. I have been playing Zumba Fitness Wii for 2 weeks now and I can definitely see the results and others have asked me what I am doing because I look great. I 'm not the type of person that is big on scales so I 'm not sure how much weight I have lost but I can definitely tell you if you try this game you will see results and have fun while doing so. I have heard

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