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Historical Synopsis: Presidential Reconstruction

This passage of the article Presidential Reconstruction started off by talking about a couple of

things that were going on at that time. An example is that slaves that were escaping from their

plantations were fleeing to Florida and on page 107 it says “the desire to reclaim these slaves

led to the Seminole Wars” which was the multiple wars escaped slaves and Native Americans

had fought in . In the passage it also talks about the large increase in the population from 1840

to 1860 which was around 50,000 for the whites and 40,000 for African Americans also on page

107 it states that “There was never as many as a 1,000 free …show more content…

Young Florida A&M Colleges Second President and His Relationships with White Public Officials

In this passage the writer starts off with a lesson on W.E.B. Dubois who was a civil rights

activist, educator, historian, and more. Shortly after that Ellis informs us that Dubois taught at a

historically black college university (HBCU) and after that Henry L. Morehosue comes up who

was a American Baptist Home Missionary Society and the writer talked about how Morehouse

felt when it came education and he thought that it should be to help develop strong minds.

Next they talked about how DuBois argued a theory that said “at least 10 percent of the black

population to obtain some type of academic or liberal arts training in preparation for leadership

position”. Later on page 154 the writer discusses what his essay will be about which he says will

focus on the struggles that Nathan Young faced during his years in college when he was Chief

Executive officer and relationships between him and some other central figures that the author

says will be in the essay. When Ellis starts his topics he leads with how far back the events …show more content…

Even though that was going there was a large

amount of factories that were low on worker because of the war. The white men were being

shipped off and the white women had to go too to the war industries. They also talked about

how immigrants were using this as an opportunity to get in the United States and blacks were

heading out of Florida because the state started to go into agricultural depression. Brown also

listed other reasons for the migration further down on the page. The write later on jumps to

1923 when the Secretary of Labor which at that time was James J. Davis had noted blacks were

leaving the south and moving up north attempting to get industrial jobs. Then she said that

most of the black population settled down in large populated areas . She then talks about a

census that was taking in 1922 that said there were 11,812 women at that time working in

plants scattered around the area. The survey also informed us that 40.5% of people

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