Pride And Prejudice Social Development

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Novel 'Pride and Prejudice' is widely known as the development story of Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Fitz William Darcy and how they represent societal change. Elizabeth and Darcy create a forceful impression on readers and their relationship dominates the novel. These individuals begin with a mutual distaste for each other, however, they both begin to feel drawn towards each other until the end of the book they find that they are both in love with each other. Essentially, marriage is the natural consequence of this discovery. However, their development is what really ties the story. First and foremost, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy meet each other at an assembly. This social gathering was for each man and woman of a high standard to find a spouse. However, both Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are not drawn to anyone at the gathering. It is suggested to Mr. Darcy that he should dance with Elizabeth, however, Mr. Darcy speaks disapprovingly of her. This uncomplimentary remark is overheard by Elizabeth making her feel quite bothered with Darcy. Mr. Darcy then expresses the view …show more content…

Darcy meet again. This time, Elizabeth is determined not to dance with Mr. Darcy because she still harbors quite the grudge against him due to his insensitivity. However, a slight change takes place in Mr. Darcy's perspective of Elizabeth. Now, Darcy begins to find that Elizabeth's face is rendered uncommonly intelligent by the beautiful expression of her dark eyes. Darcy sees that her figure is light and pleasing, he is impressed by the playfulness in her manners. Darcy then makes a remark about Elizabeth's beauty and her fine eyes. However, characters in the story are not in favor of this possible marriage and begin to make sarcastic remarks. For example, by telling Mr. Darcy that in case he marries Elizabeth, he would get a charming mother-in-law in Mrs. Bennet; and Mrs. Bennet has not produced a good impression on Mr.

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