Pride Essay: The Positive And Negative Aspects Of Pride

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Do you remember in primary school being taught about the simple characteristics of people and places? Do you remember how you never understood them until you grew older? Exactly, the importance of one’s characteristics is never actually understood until you grow older. Each person has his or her own unique attributes. On a day-to-day basis we encounter people who possess the attributes of greed or pride. People who possess selfish, manipulative and egocentric traits are greedy people. There are two types of pride: the sin (bad) or the virtue (good). People who possess self-respect, dignity, and honor traits are good pride people. In this essay, my goal to briefly discuss how both the positive and negative attributes of pride presents themselves in the character of a Spaniard as well as why greed is virtually non-existent in Spain. Pride can be split into two categories: the virtue and the sin. Firstly, virtue pride characteristics consists of one having self-respect, dignity and honor for themselves. To have pride does not mean being rich, even the poorest person takes pride in their appearance in order to pick out others and for others to catch sight of them. Prideful people often are exceedingly charitable just for the sake of being generous – no strings attached. Although, it may be difficult to display kindness to someone without him or her feeling like you are arrogant. Some Spaniards are extremely generous, for example: on a birthday of a Spaniard they often treat a

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