Pride In King Kreon's Antigone Is Still Relevant Today

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A main concept in the play Antigone is pride. In class, we discussed the topic of pride and watched a Ted Talk along with it about the fear of being wrong. It relates to King Kreon because as a leader, he wanted to be powerful and make his own decisions. This turned for the worse however, when the decision he made was selfish and went against the people’s beliefs. Kreon’s son Haimon warned him before the execution of Antigone that it was not what the God’s wanted. He stated, “Father, the God’s implant intelligence in humans. Of all our properties, that is the supreme one. I lack the power and the training to tell you you’re wrong, and that’s just as well. But perhaps a second opinion will be valuable.” (Page 48 lines 828-832). Haimon did not say this to disrespect his father, yet Kreon took it personally and dismisses Haimon. Kreon stated, “Men our age, learn from him?” (Page 50 line 875). Rather than listening, he stuck to his pride and belittled Haimon based on his age. …show more content…

Divorce is at its highest rate ever and I believe this is because couples have too much pride and self-entitlement today. Also politicians, for example Hilary Clinton, are so swaying with their views in order to please everyone that its hard to tell how they really feels. Opposite of Kreon, who stuck to his views and refused to consider anyone else’s. Kreon reminds me of Donald Trump, they want so much credit and respect, and expect everyone to blindly follow them. The presidential candidates this election truly scares me because there isn’t one person with a middle ground. Based on leadership styles both Clinton and Trump seem to be very black and white and I don’t think either of them have the peoples best interests at heart, its more personal interests just like

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