Primary Care Scenarios

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I picked scenario one, just graduated from college and is beginning a job in a new city. The two things that I would do in order to begin my search is, first thing I would do is ask my co-workers, what medical physician they go to and recommends. The reason is, due to the fact that they will be able to give an honest and non-bias opinion. The second thing I would do is contact my insurance company and ask them what physician in my area accepts my insurance and pay them a visit because it will help me in budgeting wisely. There are a few questions that I would want to ask my primary care physician, how aware they are about the health disparities among different races. I do belong to a different race and my genes are from half way across the world. There are certain health complications which I am at risk. It is important for me that my primary care…show more content…
The reason is that I think with experience, you gain knowledge and untimely I want someone who has the experience and the knowledge. I also do not want someone who is doing my check for the first time. If that physician has found new treatment (s), I want to make sure that they have done the correct treatment and have the adequate amount of experience in order to do my treatment. The experience could involve, being a guest speaker at medicals school or medical conferences. The reason behind these two places is that, at medical school you are inspiring the youth who aspires to be a medical doctor. A speaker at medical conferences is because it means that physician is sharing their new research with others. The fourth thing that I would ask is what is their treatment philosophy? This will give me an idea about what should I expect when I get ill. I am a curious person, so when I am sick I want to be able to predict how the doctor might treatment me or say to me. Another reason behind is to make me feel comfortable and stratify my
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