Gilded Age Essay

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Primary Source Analysis- During the time of reconstruction, which was after the civil war, the government passed the 13, 14, and 15th amendment to give African Americas freedom and rights. The 15th amendment gave the former African American slaves the right to vote. Between 1890 and 1906, the "new" south wanted to eliminate this right for the African Americans. Any African American who fought for their rights would be faced with violence known as lynching, murdering of three or more people. During this time, the Supreme Court case Plessy VS Ferguson resulted in African Americans and Whites having separate bathrooms. In the South, African Americans were living under Jim Crow Laws and enforced racial segregation in all public facilities. This …show more content…

This immigration caused the cities to grow in size at a rapid pace. The title of "Gilded Age" was bestowed upon the era because it looked beautiful from the outside (big businesses were thriving and money appeared to be plentiful), but, in reality, inside, the era was marked by corruption in government and exploitation of the working class (the impoverished working class people worked in unconscionable conditions so that the businesses could thrive). During the Gilded Age, there was an increase in the number and type of big businesses due to scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations. The influence of these big businesses on politics was both beneficial and problematic for …show more content…

The monopolists are drawn as large money bags (trusts) to show that they, due to all of their money, had all the power in the government. The power of the big business owners over the government grew so great that the government was finally forced to stand up to the corruption. The government passed the Sherman Antitrust Act, which prohibited the existence of monopolies. This government act shows that it finally recognized the political influences of the Gilded Age business owners had went too

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