Primates Persuasive Essay

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Primates like Apes have been serving humans against their wills for a long time. Apes have been sent to space, used for animal testing, used against their will for entertainment, held captive by exotic pet owners, being forced to live in Zoos, and eaten by people who view them as prestigious food. Apes are kept in cages in laboratories where some of them are even breed, born, and killed for the results of horrifying experiments. Many primates not just Apes are subjects to test experimental drugs, and sometimes even beauty products for humans. They are sometimes injected with diseases, and then forced to test vaccines.
Primates deserve human rights because they have been forced to do many things that they would never do with their own lives. They are veterans who have been sent up into space only to test how fast they will die, and in what ways they will die. People hold primates against their will to do things that nature would never physically allow them, and don’t care if they completely destroy a species or animal because of it.
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I think that when people hear about primates being entitled to human rights they think of the most ridiculous scenarios where Apes have the right to a jury in a court of law. But really, Apes having rights like people do just means that humans are going to own up to their responsibilities. [Philosopher Lori Gruen 2014, “Should Animals Have Rights?”] Because, if humans didn’t exist then there wouldn’t be any environmental problems, all species would live perfectly in a non polluted earth free to live their lives the way nature intended. Giving Apes rights would force humans who otherwise don’t care about the environment or the species in it, punishment for breaking the freedoms that Apes should have. [Barbara King, 2014 “Humans Chimps, And Why We Need Personhood for

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