Disadvantages Of Private Cloud

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Chapter two
Deployment models
Public cloud
Public cloud is cloud computing infrastructure that is based on internet and people can access it
Google and Amazon people can easy can access.
Public is connected into the internet and it is cheap because they use shared infrastructure and most of multinational companies use e public cloud
Public cloud also based on standard cloud computing model in which service provider gives you recourses such as applications and storage available general public to the internet
Public cloud is services is free or may be offered on pay per usage model it is easy and inexpensive but there are a lot of challenges in migrating to public cloud:
1. New investment
2. Control required
3. Visibility issue
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High security and privacy
Operations are not available to general public and resources are shared from distinct pool of resources, therefore, ensures high security and privacy.
2. More control
Have more control on its resources and hardware than public cloud because it is accessed only within an organization.
3. Cost and energy efficient
Resources are not as cost effective as public clouds but they offer more efficiency than public cloud
Disadvantages of private cloud
1. Restricted area
It is only accessible locally and is very difficult to deploy globally.
2. Limited scalability
Private cloud can be scaled only within capacity of internal hosted resources

Hybrid cloud
Hybrid Cloud is a mixture of public and private cloud. Non-critical activities are performed using public cloud while the critical activities are performed using private cloud
Hybrid cloud is composition of at least one private cloud and one public cloud and incorporates in both benefits of private cloud (data security) and public cloud (cost cutting) this approach is good for organizations that wants the benefit of moving their infrastructure system and data off site prefer to not use pure public cloud infrastructure with multi-tenancy sharing of …show more content…

It shares the infrastructure between several organizations from a specific community. It may be managed internally
Community cloud falls between public and private with respect to the target of customers but the computational resources and infrastructure are exclusive to two or more organizations that have common privacy or security
Community cloud combines distributed resources from grid computing and distributed from digital ecosystem and sustainability from green community with use cases of cloud computing
The cloud infrastructure is shared by many organizations with same policy and compliance consideration because of this model is shared by bigger group this is further enable decreasing IT operational costs in contrast to private cloud
It is best suited state level government departments that need to access the same data and applications
Community cloud is also provides the capability to realize business process in the cloud and also high level of security and the cost of setting up community cloud is very cheap due to division of costs
Management of community cloud can be outsourced to cloud

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