Emergency Medical Technician Personal Statement

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Growing up in Eastern Europe in the midst of the social and political turmoil, I learned very early that success in life depends on the availability of opportunity coupled with personal efforts, determination, and hard work. I was inspired by the “American Dream,” which, ultimately, became a part of my dreams and aspirations. Coming to the United States opened up that door of opportunities I had desired for so long. Having no family or source of financial support in the foreign country, I completed the Basic Life Support course and became an Emergency Medical Technician. Working on the front-line of Emergency Services, I enjoyed that rush of adrenaline of being able to provide medical aid and emotional support to the people in the worst times…show more content…
I utilize these values to make decisions and live my everyday life. In nursing, my philosophy focuses on ensuring patient safety, maintaining confidentiality, and providing dignity and comfort for the patients as well as their family members. By being open-minded and expressing genuine concern we can establish rapport and trust in our therapeutic relationships with the patients and their loved ones. I believe that every patient deserves to be treated with respect, regardless of their emotional state or socio-economic background. Often, while working in the Emergency Room, I meet patients, who are angry and frustrated in the face of unknown, yet I maintain my calm approach and recognize that their emotions are determined by the level of pain, anguish, and suffering they are experiencing at the moment. Moreover, I strive to always keep in mind that there are human beings with unique and personal backgrounds, and not just overwhelmed the emergency room, constantly ridden by staffing shortage and filled with patients carrying their medical ailments. Often, a sincere smile, eye contact, active listening and therapeutic silence could be sufficient tools to improve patient comfort and self-esteem. On the other hand, teamwork and collaboration are essential for to maintain healthy work…show more content…
By using therapeutic communication, we can help them cope with the emotional distress of experiencing illness, whereas the utilizing science, professional experience, and knowledge can guide us how to treat their physical disease. I believe that one can reach optimal health and wellbeing through achieving balance in a spiritual, emotional and physical state of being. The contribution I hope to make to the nursing profession in the future is to become a leader and a mentor, who can inspire others to utilize a holistic approach to delivering optimal individualized care. To stay abreast of the innovation in the nursing profession, I am looking forward to joining the American Nurse Association, and eventually, participate in the evidence-based research, which directed on improving the quality and accessibility of health care across our nation and
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