Prophet Mohammed Research Paper

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Prophet Mohammed

The person who I would like to write on is the most popular man in the Islamic history. he was a gentle man and the God ''Allah" messenger. his behavior was the best example for the right Islam. Even he was busy be spread the God ''Allah'' massage, he never was late for anyone who asked him for a help. He was a perfect leader, husband, friend, father. He is the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him).

Prophet Mohammed had high morals. He was called'' truthful honest''. Even he was a poor man he never stole or take anything was not for him. In addition, he did not take a donation from people. He worked as a shepherd when he was a child then he did some business for a woman. Prophet Mohammed hurt and faced harming by Islam enemy during delivering ''Allah'' Massage. But he did respond their harming by harming, he just faced by love. There are many writers who are Muslim and non-Muslim have written books on his personality. …show more content…

Through Islamic massage, he did a lot for humanity. For example, before Islam being, girls were killed when they born. Arabic men was killing their baby girls because they thought that their girls would bring the a bad reputation. Also, some people kill their kids because they are poor and did know how they would feed their children. Prophet Mohammed fight those habits. He said that no worries, the God '' Allah'' will give you the livelihood for you and your children. He a also said that '' Allah'' will bless who have girls so do not kill your baby girl because the God ''Allah'' angry if you did. Through Prophet Mohammed, the life is redesigned for a lot of

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