Pros And Cons Of Animal Bill Of Rights For Animals

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The Animal Bill of Rights is a petition sponsored by the Animal Legal Defense Fund that protects animals from unnecessary suffering caused by humans. The Bill of Rights provides basic rights to laboratory animals, farm animals, companion animals and wildlife. It enumerates the right for animals to be free from cruel and unnecessary experiments. The bill proposes animals should be in an environment which satisfies their basic physical and psychological needs. By signing the Bill of Rights, we agree that animals, like all sentient beings, are entitled to basic legal rights in our society. I agree with the idea of creating a Bill of Rights for animals because humans share similar characteristics with animals, thus we have a moral obligation to…show more content…
Animals should have the right to be free from unnecessary suffering and experimentation because they are innocent creatures. An argument for opposing the Animal Bill of Rights is that research will be slowed or stopped completely, resulting in the death of humans that could have been saved. The Animal Bill of Rights is not meant to stop or prevent experimentation on animals; it is meant to limit the extraneous suffering and torment animals go through in the name of development. Animals are innocent- it cannot defend itself against malevolent human intentions. The Animal Bill of Rights is meant to prevent the exploitation of animals and refute the justification that experimentation makes animal cruelty moral. Humans are ones who exploited animals, so humans have an obligation to free them from the unnecessary pain caused by exploiting them. Because of their lack of ability to defend themselves against human evil, the Animal Bill of Rights grants animals to be protected and…show more content…
The Animal Bill of Rights reveals both the good and bad aspects about the nature of humanity. For example, the companies in the cosmetic industry practice the Draize Test, which “involves applying a small amount of the substance under study to an animal’s eye or skin for several hours, and then observing whether or not irritation occurs over the following week or two. In most cases the animal subjects—usually albino rabbits bred for the lab—are put to death after the sometimes maiming and often painful test,” as stated the online article “Do Cosmetic Companies Still Test on Live Animals?” by Jim M. Because of the self-interest of people, animals have to undergo this kind of testing. The cruelty shown towards animals reveal the atrocious nature of mankind and the innocence of animals. Society felt compelled to act upon this and demanded for these regulations to change because of the thought that changes to this system would be morally
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