Pros And Cons Of Being Tried As Adults

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Many people think kids that commit massive crimes deserve to be put in a adult jail house but don’t realize that they are young immature human beings. There has been many cases of kids being tried as adults and being sentence to life in prison. We can’t continue to put these young kids in adult prison, they should be put in juvenile hails where they belong. Kids are being shown no mercy when it comes to being put in jails. Kids aren’t allowed to do certain things because you need to be an adult, so the same rules should be applied we it comes to give children jail time. That’s why I am against trying kids as adults. As a kid growing up your body is going through many emotions, so being put in an adult jail can really mess you up physically and mentally. A famous neurologist named Sarah-Jayne Blakemore states that a teens brain isn’t fully developed enough to make any type of decisions and that teens brains can’t put themselves in an adults point of view. She says that teens only care about their own point of view on things. Sarah understands the teenage brain and knows that their brains are to undeveloped to make adult decisions or being consider an adults in jail terms. Young kids are being put in adult jail with many emotions running through their body and them being a young age in that type of environment spending life will change their perspective on life and scar them for life. Sarah is educating us on the teenage brain to show us that teenagers make dumb

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