ICO And Blockchain Advertisement Analysis

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What made Tezos rose $232 million? What was the reason for Bitcoin to reach ~$151 billion market cap? Right, it is right management and PR. Proper advertisement has the key role in building any public project (crowdfunding in particular).

ICO as well as other Blockchain projects need to be devious when it comes to their juridical statuses. And, as you know, Facebook and Google don’t want to mess with something that isn’t legal in some countries, so not to lose part of the users due to the accusations of governmental myrmidons of justice.
FB decided to get rid of any provocative materials in their context ads, so they decided to halt the advertising of crypto-exchanges, binaries, and CFD. Google has followed the path of Facebook and starts …show more content…

They don’t want their sites to be the platform for fraudulent businesses, that is why they want to leave this area for good. They want to protect both the users and themselves. Due to the fact the services of Google/Facebook are used in PR-marketing campaigns of shady businesses, the governments of different countries can penalty them for the lack of regulation and moderation.
Unfortunately, most countries don’t have regulatory instruments to work with crypto-world, that is why ICO and Blockchain projects need to stay flexible and try not to get caught in juridical traps. We don’t speak about countries like the Isle of Man or Switzerland that proved their willingness to use crypto-currencies for their own good. Currently, there are no big international rules and laws that would regulate the process of ICO verification, statutory approval of transactions, and other important aspects that don’t allow such countries as China and Russia to accept this new form of IPO.
Different countries view crypto-assets as different kinds of property. Some accept it as a virtual-payment (Singapour), others - as a foreign currency (Switzerland). There are governments that just use the term “property” when it comes to …show more content…

When the hype around c-currencies settles down and the volatility decreases, such currencies as DASH and Ripple may be used as the payment options in there. Moreover, there are many rumours about Amazon launching its own crypto in the nearest future. If it happens, well… We’ll see two main lifechangers for the crypto-world: Amazon and Telegram.
We’ll find the way
PR-managers, don’t you close your AdWords tool-kits yet. Until June, you have a plenty of time to advertise your products. Afterwards, we’ll find ways to make crypto to be on everyone’s lips. The challenges make us stronger, remember?
There will definitely more emphasis on the sites that will be dedicated to crypto-currencies. We, marketers, are going to lose just one arrow the quiver, still, we have enough of them to hit our target-customers :)
Besides, this way potential crypto-investors will be able to differ scammy proposals from some interesting ones.
According to the trusted source of information, the certification will take place for those who plan to make advertisement campaigns on Google Adwords. Although, it won’t be international and will be available only in several countries.
The certification will have the following

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