Pros And Cons Of Life Imprisonment

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Eliminating capital punishment does not mean that supporting crime rate and put the society into danger. It intends to have feature of promoting human rights. When almost the world wants to remove death penalty from all of legal system, people must think of replacing punishment, which still protect the life. In various punishments, it seems that life imprisonment is the best choice.
Life imprisonment (or life sentence) means having to spend the rest of a person’s life in jail. When the people commit a serious crime and the Court finds he or she is dangerous for the public, the criminal must go behind the bars. There is no chance to get out of jail and they will never be released from prison.
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Actually, a survey by The New York Times found that about 132,000 of the nation's prisoners, or almost 1 in 10, are suffering life sentences. The number of lifers has almost doubled in the last decade, far outpacing the overall growth in the prison population. This upward phenomenon commenced from the idea of death penalty’s abolition. People who protest applying capital punishment all promote life sentences as an alternative

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