Pros And Cons Of Life Support

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The Tough Choice of Life Support A 10-year-old girl has been in an accident. She is hooked up to many machines as she is unable to breathe on her own. There is also a 70-year-old man who has been on these same machines for many months and has lost much of his brain function. Life support is a controversial topic in which there are many things to put into account. Some things that should be taken into consideration are the wishes of the patient, the wishes of the family, cost, and the possible suffering the patient is enduring. The first fact to know is what life support is and look at current procedures. To have a clear view it is vital to look at the pros and cons and then compare. Pros include a sense of hope and the option of organ donation. Some cons are cost, prolonged suffering, and there is always the question of ethnics. Once all of these things are taken into consideration one can make an informed …show more content…

When it comes to life support there are many debatable topics, such as whether painkillers which may shorten the life of a patient may be given, or whether taking a patient off a machine is euthanasia. In other words the ethnics of taking a patient off life support, The definition of euthanasia is described as such. " Euthanasia consists of an act or omission which, of itself or by intention, causes death in order to eliminate suffering."(Manalo, 7). When a doctor takes a patient off the ventilator it is not done to cause death. The situation is the same with the painkillers. Manalo explains this particular issue and says it is an ethical action. The reasoning is that death is not the goal (8). Both of these actions are ethical and not considered euthanasia. When one is taken off life support they are released from their pain. Families who come to this decision can have peace of mind that the one they love is no longer suffering. The feeling of guilt is understood, but what has to be realized is that the person may

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