The Importance Of Reductions To Population Growth

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Reductions to Population Growth Humans are just animals, if very intelligent ones, and like all animals, our presence has an inherent effect on the environment we’re in. The size and spread of our numbers is just as relevant as say, deer or rabbits. However, our use of resources and spread of pollution, make our population particularly important, especially to ourselves. There’s significant health concerns, pollution, psychological problems unemployment, and a host of other issues when you pack a lot of people into a small space (Li, Romanova). Thus a huge looming problem for many countries is population growth. Population growth is a tremendous strain to endure and is particularly problematic in developing countries. Yet, the demographic …show more content…

However, these examples are of the most effective to implement. Population growth is typically characterized by a lack or misuse of resources. The problems comes from not distributing the resources the optimal way, allowing the country to fall into economic depression and perpetuating population growth. Yet, the true solutions come in sharing these resources equally. When given access to quality healthcare, equal income, education, and opportunities besides the large family model of developing countries, human will expand their choices beyond only having children. This contributes to a more healthy society that prolongs itself. Healthcare allows individuals to live longer, healthier, and pursue other opportunities. Education leads to the advancement of medicine and professional skills. Professional skills help to gain a quality income, used to support healthcare and education. Eventually, this will allow the country to stabilize and finally stop …show more content…

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