Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing

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Chatter of standardized testing filled the halls almost every year. Teachers were rushing around trying to cram the last minute essentials into their students’ heads before the test dates that were rapidly approaching. Administration was very positive that the students would do well and gave encouragement anytime that they could. Parents were sent home letters about making sure their student ate a good meal the night before the test, as well as a good breakfast. Also encouraging them to send their child to bed early so they would be well rested for the next day’s adventures of the exam. Most importantly the students felt overwhelmed, anxious and rushed. They knew these tests meant a lot and that they better try their best for the school. …show more content…

The teachers still taught material for the tests, but they didn’t shove it down the students’ throats as much as when they were younger. The teachers considered it the students fault if they did not want to pay attention to the skills they may need to be successful on these exams. Administration pushed for good scores to show that their teachers were teaching the correct material and that the students were actually learning. Parents are less involved now because it is up to the student to get the meals they need to be successful as well as put themselves to bed at a decent time to be well rested for the assessments the next day. The students’ feelings toward the test could go either way. Some want to try their best so that their scores look good and others don’t care anymore. As a student in college now, exams are not as terrifying, but studying is key to having success. I still feel anxious on how I did after I hand in the test and wonder what problems I got wrong or which ones I second guessed myself on. Testing has gotten a bit easier with the experience of taking so many throughout my schooling career. I have learned to use the test to take the test as some of my professors would say. I also have experienced several different types of assessments such as, projects, papers, paper tests, online test and even

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