Pros And Cons Of The Articles Of Confederation

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Articles of Confederation America was suffering from its debts and had trouble competing economically. The articles of confederation already limited what the Congress could do. Most of the powers were given to the states and limited what the Congress was able to do. Each state had its own goal and policies on imports and exports that made each state very different making it more difficult to regulate trade. The only place that the Congress could regulate trade was the natives, and when the Congress wants to trade with foreign countries they can’t because Congress didn’t have any negotiation trade agreements due to the limitation of the articles of confederation. There were multiples of currency being used in all states. Not only did this make it harder to trade with other states and another country, it also was inefficient. The Congress didn’t have the power to tax states but has to request a loan …show more content…

The anti-federalists feared a strong government because it posed a threat to the people rights and that the president could be a king. I find that the federalist camp more appealing because they realized the weakness of the Confederation and tried to improve it such as the Judicial court system. There was no system of courts in the national government, the courts were dependent on the other states. This also made it that the states can ignore the national law without any consequences because the Congress has no way to enforce its own law. But the constitution helps the Congress to establish a national court system. “Supreme Court; Congress authorized to establish national court system” (Evans and Michaud

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