Pros And Cons Of The Moon Landings

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Although many people try to argue that the United States didn't land on the moon I believe they did. There is proof that the U.S. did really land on the moon through videos, images, and even interviews with Neil Armstrong. Videos and images were taken during the Apollo 11 and there is a camera that remains today. This act that people believe is being faked costs about 150 billion dollars in today's money, who would pay that much to fake an event? I truly believe the moon landings of the U.S. are real! First of all, there are videos and images proving that the United States landed on the moon. On July 20th, 1969 many Americans gathered in their living rooms to watch the moon landing. Nobody from NASA has said that the moon landing wasn't true. It is said that the odd lights in the pictures are lens flares. Videos and images are showing proof of the landing of the Apollo 11 spacecraft. …show more content…

Armstrong states, " One day somebody is going to go fly back up there and pick up the camera I left." He talks about the geography of the moon, which he would only be able to know from actually seeing this such thing at First Hand experience. During Armstrong's interview he says that, " He only had a 50-50 chance of landing on the surface, but a 90 percent chance of returning home." I believe Neil Armstrong did land on the moon in the year of 1969 he has facts about what is up on the moon, the surface, and the things he

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