1969 Moon Landings: Are They Real Or Fake?

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Real or fake?

Even today, a lot of people think that the 1969 moon landings were either real or fake. Some say they were real, others say that they were fake. I know that they were fake. You people may think they were real, or you might agree with me. I will show you many reasons why they were real. Like I said, the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landings were faked. Was Neil Armstrong even an astronaut? There is no real way to tell. After you’re done reading this you will agree that the landings were faked. Reasons why not to think they were real, think about it, at the beginning of the ‘Space Race’, the U.S. was losing. The Soviet Union was winning still towards the middle of the race. Yet somehow we won the race in 1969. How is this possible? Who knows? Another thing to think …show more content…

JFK even promised to land on the moon before the 1970’s so we could’ve faked the landings to prevent embarrassment. Also, the “moon rocks” that astronauts bring to earth could just as well be pieces of meteorites. Seriously, moon rocks look similar to meteorites, but how do ordinary citizens know what a moon rock looks like? We 've never been to the moon! The rocks could have been pieces of meteorites! Have you even seen the picture of the American flag blowing on the moon? How does a flag blow without wind/air? Because all of the moon landings were filmed in a fake moon environment! I mean, think about it, a flag can 't blow without wind. That just proves my point that it was all FAKE. This entire page has just proven my point, why the so-called “moon landings” were fake. I mean, yeah, you may have gone to see the rocket launch in person, but that rocket could have just gone out of view, into space, then exploded or orbited the moon or gone somewhere else, etc. I think you should now agree with me that the landings were

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