How Scientific Developments Of 1969 Changed America Prior To 1969

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The years prior to 1969 were rigorous, but when 1969 arrived it all changed. This change was demonstrated with several events and developments that helped America thrive. 1969 was full of “firsts,” and life-changing events; for instance, the Moon Landing, Woodstock, the Vietnamization policy, and new scientific developments occurred because of people’s cooperation, decision-making, competitiveness, and pride in America.
Science took a giant leap when the Cold War started. During the years when the Cold War was occurring, scientific development increased on behalf of the rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union. Many of these developments helped ignite a new era of scientific innovations. The Cold War was “the engine that drove …show more content…

All this people were united under a musical festival. The Woodstock event marked a legacy for people and generations to come. This festival proved that people with different ideologies could be united with cooperativeness. “The legendary 1969 rock festival, officially called the Woodstock Music and Art fair,"(Morrison 1) started as a peace event, where people came to civilly support movements like anti-war movement for the Vietnam War and “to promote spirit of cooperation.” (Morrison 1) Why Did It Happen? Several events that took place before 1969 set differences in ideologies between people “over the war, over the use of drugs, over the foundations of cause including education, government, religion, and capitalism.” (Morrison 1) However, this event was significant seeing that it united people with different views with “the most potent force and expression of all of this was rock and roll.” (Morrison 1) This proved that people could become one with something in common. Furthermore, famous artists like Richie Havens and Jimi Hendrix helped the attendance rise and “based on police reports is 450000.” (Morrison 2) While it was not going to be a massive event, it turned out to be extremely popular and memorable, because its enormous attendance. Jimi Hendrix, a popular artist in 1969, sang during this event. His appearance on the festival boosted the attendance. In …show more content…

The event was memorable and it was remembered for several years. One of the most iconic words ever spoken happened during this landing, Armstrong gave his famous words to the rest of the world as people were left astonished. The years prior to the Moon Landing were tough. Various movements were going on and “two important leaders had been assassinated.” (Crompton 1) The Moon Landing helped in numerous ways. One was that it fulfilled Kennedy’s promise to land on the Moon, but most importantly it helped Americans continue to adhere to the American way of life, as “many feared that the beams of American life were coming apart,”(Crompton 1) and stay prideful of America for it had accomplished a difficult, long-lasting legacy, and unprecedented event. This event was highly anticipated, since ex-president Kennedy promise Americans that it would be achieved. Therefore, thousands of people came to attend the memorable event and “watch mighty boasters lift the rockets into the sky.” (Crompton 4) The high attendance proved that Americans knew that something incredible would be witnessed that could last for copious years to come and revitalize the American way of life, since it had been weakened with the previous tough years. Furthermore, the Moon Landing left millions of Americans watching this tremendous event astonished. One could

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