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After three years of the Great Depression and no real end in sight, the US people were dying for something or someone to at improve their lives. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was that person,and his new deal was the first step towards the end of the depression. The New Deal, was well received, and helped secure Roosevelts place in history along with his many other achievements. However, The New Deal may have been well received by many, there were still many citizens who disagreed with some of the things it brought. Despite these downsides, The New Deal was a success, bringing relief to citizens and helping the US recover from the Great Depression. One of the factors of the new deal that made it a success was the relief it brought to people of …show more content…

One of the problems with the New Deal was that it didn’t support minorities nearly enough, which is shown in both Document B: African Americans and the New Deal, and Document G: Whither the American Indian?. In Document G, it is stated that the New Deal did very little to support civil rights, most new deal programs discriminating against blacks. Document G shows that there was unfair treatment toward American Indians with New Deal programs, as most programs gave no benefits to Indians, but still negatively affected them in some ways, such as with their housing difficulty. Both of these documents show that if anything should be changed about the New Deal, it’s the way it affects minorities. There are also some citizens who believe the New Deal isn’t dealing with the Depression, as shown in Document F: Song. Document F is a song from someone who says the depression is still spreading in America, and makes it sound as if he believes the only way out of it is suicide. This Document shows that despite all the benefits it brought, some people still felt as if the New Deal wasn’t helping, sometimes to a point as extreme as this one. Overall, the New Deal was very beneficial to the United States. There were some negative aspects of the New Deal, with it hurting minorities, and bring very little benefits to some people, but the new deal was a serviceable act despite these flaws. The positive aspects of the deal such as the reformation of the school lunch system or the relief it brought to the unemployed are some of the reasons why it’s regarded as such a propitious act. Thanks to Roosevelt, the New Deal was able to Profoundly change the Nation, and secure his place in history as one of the best American

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