Essay On Second Amendment

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amendment is also not granted by the US constitution. To many people, the second amendment is not clear. It confuses a lot in that some people argue that those that have the rights to possess firearms for self-defense are only the military. It does not specify that the citizens have the right to own firearms for self-defense and personal use. A study conducted by a Yale Professor showed that the “shall-issue” laws resulted in a rise in the rates of the violence, crimes, rape, and robbery hence with this it could be concluded that ownership of firearms by citizens lead to an increase in the crime rates. A rapist could use a gun to scare his/her ‘pray’ to fulfill the ‘mission’ in mind. The jobless fellows could use the readily available firearms to go for an armed robbery ‘mission’.
We could also say that the second amendment has increased suicide cases. Let’s look at a case where there is somebody who has been …show more content…

The survey shows that armed citizen makes others feel agitated. Some could even confuse armed citizens of good faith with those will ill motives. An example is a case where an armed citizen gets into a shopping mall to purchase one or two items but those others in the mall confuse him for a robber and call the police to get him arrested. That guy is likely to be harassed plus all the humiliations because of the gun that he has in possession. Possession of firearms by citizens has also led to accidental shootings. Scores of deaths have been reported due to accidental shootings. For example, a citizen could pull a trigger by mistake and kills the person next to him by mistake. Another case of an accidental shooting is a case where a child comes to contact with an unattended firearm. The possibility that the child is going to pool a trigger is so high and the outcome could be devastating. If a citizen in possession of a firearm gets involved in an accident, the trigger is likely to get pulled

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