Pros And Cons Of Truman

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I believe Truman was right in his actions of commencing the dropping of weapons of mass destruction against the Empire of Japan. While morally it may have been carried out in a better way, that's a debate for a different time. There are three reasons I would like to clarify to show why I believe it was the right decision.

The Japanese did not believe in surrender. It was dishonorable within their culture. No matter what the allies would have succeeded in a war effort on the Japanese mainland. It would have been very costly in lives and resources though. Even under our occupation, I don't believe the Japanese would stop fighting. Most likely there would be radical groups that rise up and fight similarly to how a group like Al-Qaeda fights today. The power of nuclear weapons broke Japanese spirit and …show more content…

The culture that arose within the region was completely special having no influence being cut off from the rest of the world. They had no war or uneasy relations with another county. All their fighting was internal and that's what made them adapt the idea of honour within death. Even when the mighty Mongols tried to invade they were unsuccessful. If anything would make me over prideful, I think that would do it. The Japanese have always studied other cultures and it helped them achieve staying one step ahead. They sent scholars to learn from Korea, China, and all parts of Asia. Even when the Europeans came they learned to trade and new they had to get a hold of the newest war inventions so they didn't fall behind (gunpowder). The witnessing of the nuclear weapon awed and stuck fear within the Japanese people. I believe they had the realization that this was the start of a new age and to be on the frontier of this new age they would have to take a step back and learn. Now Japan is close allies with the U.S. to be on the spearhead of success within these new ages. Ages that are protected by mutually assured

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