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Role and responsibilities of PSL PSL is made up of many members who come from various backgrounds. The professionalism and expertise of PSL’s team extends to many departments within the company. PSL has top chefs, accountants, finance and IT teams etc. The company hires staff with previous relevant experience and good performance in their respective fields. To be able to provide the best service to the client, each of PSL’s teams are matched according to the requirements of the project. Recruitment, training and development PSL vaues staff and trains them to facilitate the needs at workplace. The company is a firm believer in the reword system and offers monetary incentives for excellence. As such, the company believes in meritocracy and a…show more content…
His primary focus is to develop the business opportunities of PSL. Ivan helps clients save money in their hospitality operations. • Managing Director: Daniel Wilson Daniel Wilson’s responsibility involves managing, directing and delivering PSL services to clients. Daniel has a passion for hospitality. His education in food policy helps him to better serve the needs of the company. • Sales Director: Matt Tough Matt is in charge of identifying and developing new business opportunities for PSL. He is also the person who is at the forefront of marketing decisions in the company. • Director of Operations: Stephen Beech Stephen Beech is extremely qualified and capable due to his background in mathematics; his postgraduate education in the hospitality discipline and his vast experience in the hospitality industry is something that helps PSL. Stephen is able to use his experience to help clients in the hospitality industry improve their operations such that become more efficient and effective. • Director of Purchasing: Paul Emerson Paul Emerson is able to use his vast knowledge and experience in food preparation to benefit PSL. Paul’s role is to extend the network of suppliers, which include many more high-end suppliers to meet the growing need of PSL’s luxury…show more content…
Four Seasons hotel is committed to high quality service and excellence in order to pamper their guests. Four Seasons hotel first partnered with PSL in 1993 to secure top quality produce and requested consultation services with regards to food management. PSL was able to modify the food procurement process of Four Seasons and guided them through the challenges in order for Four Seasons to meet their objectives. Four Seasons chose PSL because of the professionalism exhibited in their food procurement processes. In one year alone, PSL was able to help Four Seasons save up to 250,000 pounds and resulted in better performance and service standards at Four Seasons. Other sister hotels also utilized the services of PSL in 2003 and 2005 as a testimony to their commitment to excellent

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