Company Overview Of Conrad Hilton's Hotel Management System

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Hilton is an American hotel chain founded by Conrad Hilton in the early twentieth century. Hilton remains the second largest hotel group with 4,278 establishments and 700,000 rooms in 85 countries. The Hilton Worldwide is a leader in the hospitality industry and currently has more than 130,000 employees.
While most hotel establishments today use management systems, they are almost all equipped with basic functionality compared to what exists in other sectors. Today, there are new tools expected to become real levers of competitiveness of hotel establishments. We can divide the main management systems into five categories:

• Central database: Property Management System (PMS);
• Bookings: Central Reservation System (CRS);
• Revenue: Revenue Management System (RMS);
• POS: Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS);
• Marketing: Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

This strategy began to be used especially for PMS, but also for banquets management systems. Hilton has adopted this approach with OnQ solution (for which they spend $50 millions) that integrates accounting systems and revenue management and PMS of all institutions of the group within a single database to support hotel reservations & sales, guest service, operations and business intelligence-gathering activities. Each transaction instantly appears in the centralized system.

OnQ system’s work is to summarize and classify booking’s information and then seeding it to various departments such as the number of guests,

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