Intercontinental Hotel Strategic Analysis

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There are different strategies that must be considered by the organisations operating in hospitality industry. The contributions made by the firm donate towards the performance and achievement of the company. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the strategies of the hotel, which serves as the basis of success. This paper is divided into five different tasks each of which is focusing on various aspects of the hotels performance. The organisation that is selected in order to answer the tasks is InterContinental Hotel Group. Different models and strategies are used for analysing external environment, core capabilities, culture, and strategic choices of the firm. Task 1: Strategic Trajectories and Competencies of Hotel InterContinental Hotel…show more content…
To set up a competitive advantage and enhance productivity, associations must see their clients, as well as, their opposition. It is noted that porters five forces analysis turned into an important part in any official’s business toolbox. The model gives direction to help structure key choice listing to make deciding industry engaging quality elements adding to the force of focused competition, the threat of new entrants and substitute commodities, and the bargaining power of customers and suppliers. Furthermore, depending upon a combination of these forces, approaches could be determined whether to enter an industry new to the association or to appropriate forces contributing to low business attractiveness (Fyall & Garrod, 2005). It seems porter 's five forces model depends intensely on building up the attractiveness of an industry. By setting up the attractiveness of an industry, associations are doing one of two things; building up the profitability of an industry or, as Porter proposes, the importance of technique plan is coping to rivalry '. In addition, the industry attractiveness is determined by composing plan to shield the association from serious competition (Enz,…show more content…
Moreover, the tax regulations, personnel laws, ecological regulations, and industry-particular regulation can be changed relying upon the country current economic situation. For example, the process of elections in different countries plays a basic part in the globalisation of hospitality market. Eventually, the conceivable changes of regulations and laws can either advantage or represent a detriment for the tourism organisations that are operating internationally. However, another political issue is visa limitations for the reason that in UK and the US, the migration has executed more strict regulations making it harder for outsiders to acquire a traveller visa. Particularly after the 9/11 terrorist assault, the US has turned out to be more stringent on the issuance of visas (Levonsky & Conley,
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