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Humans passes in their life several stages of growth and development, where at some level can lead to face difficulties that may affect them if they did not overcome it. Especially Adolescence time, it is the phase of development the human pass through following the onset of puberty during which a young person develops from a child into an adult. It can be very sensitive period that the teenager can face and need more support and guidance from his family; it starts at age 10 and end at age 19. In this case study I chose to observe Reem, she is at the beginning of adolescence. Reem is one of interesting emirates girl can anyone know. She is twelve years old. She is smart, helpful and you can depend on. Reem is the oldest among her siblings; she has two brothers and one sister. Ali and Saif six years old twins and the youngest Noura she is two years old. She lives in Dubai, al-barsha, with her father and her grandparents. Her mother died when she was ten years old after giving birth to her youngest sister. In addition, Reem in grade eight and she study in a government school in Dubai. Note that in this paper I will mention the main
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She used to act like a happy child, but now she thinks it is different. Furthermore, the developmental issue that she is being puberty. Puberty is “the time in life when a young person starts to become sexually mature” (Blondell, 1999). The difficult part of being in puberty phase is to accept the changes that the body goes through, precisely if you go through it alone without any guide, in Reem situation being alone without her mother in her side make it a little bit harder. She goes through many changes physically and socially that made her confuse about a lot of things around her. People around her treat her as an adult now not as a child

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